October 22, 2020 Thank You Note to God

Happy Fall to All, I have not written in a while because I was visiting my family in St Louis. I just want to say Thank You To God for such a great visit. My days were filled with friends and family, my Grandchildren and sleepovers with cousins and cuddling together on the couch eatingContinue reading “October 22, 2020 Thank You Note to God”

October 21, 2020 WWJD

What WOULD Jesus DO or SAY today as compared to what Jesus DID and SAID when He was here on earth? When Jesus started his ministry there was political unrest. The Jews were under the control and domination of the Roman Empire, which overshadowed their daily lives. Everything about Roman occupation was hateful to the Jews, fromContinue reading “October 21, 2020 WWJD”

August 31, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note to God

Today is the Anniversary of my Husband Ron’s death. My head and heart are flooded with memories. I will write a happier thank you note tomorrow, but today is just a really difficult day. I know there are many who have lost loved ones and will understand. Thank you for sitting and sharing this momentContinue reading “August 31, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note to God”

August 30, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note To God

Today I was blessed by a speaker who came to our Church service. His name is Eugene Hairston, also known as “THE TREE”. I believe he is 6’7″ tall…thus the nick name. He told us his story of being a Vietnam Vet with PTSD and a alcoholic and drug addict…recovering now for over 20 years.Continue reading “August 30, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note To God”

August 29, 2020 Today’s Thank You Note to God

I LOVE my Grandchildren – each and every one of them. Each one is like a mini adult – unique and special. My youngest Grand daughter is 3 years old now, going on 40. She seems to act like an “OLD SOUL”. Has anyone ever heard that phrase? She talks with such wisdom and hasContinue reading “August 29, 2020 Today’s Thank You Note to God”

August 12, 2020: “THE BLESSING”

Have you ever heard God’s Whisper? Have you ever heard a tiny, soft voice in your head and a tug at your heart to do something? Maybe for you it could be indigestion or maybe your conscience… but when it happens to me…I know what it is. Better yet…I know Who it is. I’ve beenContinue reading “August 12, 2020: “THE BLESSING””

July 29, 2020: Who is that Masked Man?

Do you have a favorite Masked Man? There are so many to choose from. Masked SUPER HEROES are known for saving people – sometimes even saving the world. Did you know that many of the Super heroes that we admire today, were created during the 1930’s and 1940’s and were first introduced on radio (beforeContinue reading “July 29, 2020: Who is that Masked Man?”