October 21, 2020 WWJD

What WOULD Jesus DO or SAY today as compared to what Jesus DID and SAID when He was here on earth? When Jesus started his ministry there was political unrest. The Jews were under the control and domination of the Roman Empire, which overshadowed their daily lives. Everything about Roman occupation was hateful to the Jews, fromContinue reading “October 21, 2020 WWJD”

September 17, 2020: It’s ALL ABOUT ME!

ME. ME. ME. What’s in it for ME? What about ME? Me, My and I are all first person words that can extend past letters and become and describe who we are. Is that who you are? Is that who you want to be? If you live life with ME synonyms as your MONTRA, thenContinue reading “September 17, 2020: It’s ALL ABOUT ME!”

August 26, 2020: Who Do You Say I Am? Thankful God knows.

Who are You? Who am I? These are odd questions because we both know who we are. Don’t we? I imagine, your first instinct would be to take the question literally – like someone asking for your ID, but it’s quite possible I’m asking a more gaping question that takes more thought and contemplation. LetContinue reading “August 26, 2020: Who Do You Say I Am? Thankful God knows.”