The Chosen S1 E3 Jesus and the Children

I was so excited to lead our Bible Study today which was based on Season one, Episode three of The Chosen, titled Jesus Loves The Little Children. I must say that God has truly blessed me and my life through this series. I am amazed and in awe of what God is doing as peopleContinue reading “The Chosen S1 E3 Jesus and the Children”

November 23, 2020: Thank You God for MY FRIENDS

Today I am Thankful for FRIENDS past, present and future. I’m thankful for all those that have had my back and stood by my side all these many years especially the ones that texted and skyped with me during the lockdown. I’m Thankful for those that made me feel that I was never alone duringContinue reading “November 23, 2020: Thank You God for MY FRIENDS”