Believing Outside the Box

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Are you wounded, broken, a victim of abuse, bullying or neglect.
Has someone or something shamed you into believing you’re not good
enough. Don’t allow the World or your Past define who you are. Let me
remind you who God says you are.
This Blog is dedicated to sharing God’s Love and bringing Hope to
the hopeless while sharing how to Believe Outside the Box. Here you will
find rest, encouragement and strength to face the Goliaths in your life.
Join me and find Peace in God’s Holy Whispers as you become
all that GOD wants you to be.

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October 21, 2020 WWJD

What WOULD Jesus DO or SAY today as compared to what Jesus DID and SAID when He was here on earth? When Jesus started his ministry there was political unrest. The Jews were under the control and domination of the Roman Empire, which overshadowed their daily lives. Everything about Roman occupation was hateful to the Jews, fromContinue reading “October 21, 2020 WWJD”

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