August 5, 2020: Walking on Water.

Have you spoken to God this morning? I have. Every morning, I turn on my Christian music, sing along as I grab a glass of orange juice, review my list of things to do and then – I nestle down to spend the next half hour or more reading my daily devotional, my Bible orContinue reading “August 5, 2020: Walking on Water.”

July 29, 2020: Who is that Masked Man?

Do you have a favorite Masked Man? There are so many to choose from. Masked SUPER HEROES are known for saving people – sometimes even saving the world. Did you know that many of the Super heroes that we admire today, were created during the 1930’s and 1940’s and were first introduced on radio (beforeContinue reading “July 29, 2020: Who is that Masked Man?”

July 22, 2020: ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!

Have we forgotten how to Love one another? Do you know where all the Love has gone? Have we lost it somewhere? In 1967, the Beatles released a song written by John Lennon that said that Love is all you need, but where is it? Have we forgotten how to Love each other? Have weContinue reading “July 22, 2020: ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!”

July 8, 2020: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

Do you have a favorite commercial slogan? There are lots of famous, catchy slogans, phrases and one liners that have stuck in my mind over the years, like “Where’s the BEEF?” or “Show me the money!” However, one in particular seems to reverberate in my head whenever I watch the news lately. Every time IContinue reading “July 8, 2020: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”

BLOG # 1 Believing You Can when the World and Your Past says You Can’t

WOW! Have you ever found yourself speechless or been so excited that you can’t find that perfect word to express how you feel? Have you ever wished there was one word that would encapsulate all the words together that just aren’t enough by themselves? Well, I needed a way to express how I feel todayContinue reading “BLOG # 1 Believing You Can when the World and Your Past says You Can’t”

Mission Spotlight #1 Montrouis, Haiti

Pastor Chris Surber and his wife Christina founded the Supply and Multiply Ministry in MONTROUIS, HAITI. The mission of Supply and Multiply is to share the Gospel and Compassion of Jesus Christ in Montrouis, Haiti. We do this by equipping and empowering indigenous Christians, partnering with local churches, caring for the vulnerable elderly, educating future generations, BibleContinue reading “Mission Spotlight #1 Montrouis, Haiti”