The Chosen: Season one Episode Five


For those of you that have not been part of ‘The Chosen’ phenomena, you can find the first season free on YouYube, Vidangel, or at

This past week at our Bible study, which was based on this series, we first watched Episode Five, The Wedding feast and then discussed it. We found that this episode is more than just about a wedding celebration or the fact that Jesus turned water into wine. It’s about what it means to be CHOSEN, to be called by God to participate in the healing of the world.

This world is broken. People are broken and they need God and Christ’s message of hope and healing now more than ever. Question is this.

Do you believe? Have you felt God’s nudge to do more, be more. Have you talked to God or spent any time (I mean quality time) with Him lately or have you been too busy. More importantly, if you’ve talked to Him, have you been listening when He talks to YOU. Conversations run both ways. Has God been trying to get your attention?

At the Wedding Feast, Mary, Jesus’ Mother, traveled a long way to help her friend get ready for the wedding feast and she helps in more ways than one. (Her friend is concerned about making a good impression on new in-laws who are snobbish). When the wine runs out Mary knows that Jesus can FIX THE PROBLEM. He has not shown her any miracles yet, but she still believes. Jesus tells her it is not HIS time yet, but she replies, “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?”

I pose the same question to you, my friends. IF NOT NOW WHEN? When will you believe enough to STEP OUT of your comfort zone, and Put YOUR FAITH into action? Has God called you to a Ministry of some kind?

As we have seen in our study of the Characters in this series / people that Jesus called to “FOLLOW HIM” weren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. You don’t need to be a scholar or an A+ student of Scripture for Jesus to call on you. You just need FAITH.

When Nicodemus visited John the Baptist in jail, John said to Nicodemus, “ALL YOUR LIFE YOU’VE BEEN ASLEEP. MAKE STRAIGHT THE WAY OF THE KING. HE IS HERE TO WAKEN THE EARTH, BUT SOME WILL NOT WANT TO WAKEN. THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH THE DARK. I WONDER WHICH ONE YOU WILL BE”. God may be asking you the same question!

Have you been a sleepy Christian? Jesus is trying to wake you up. Question is, are you willing to let Him bring you out of your sleepy ways, to ignite (or reignite) HIS light inside of you?

In this episode, after Jesus changes the water into wine, He asks (Doubting) Thomas to follow him. Thomas tells his partner, Rema, about the invitation, but says he doesn’t know what to think. She says to him, “For once in your life, DON’T THINK.”

Question: Do you overthink things when you feel God’s pull to do or say something? Maybe for once in YOUR life, Don’t THINK. Just DO .

When Simon tells his wife, Eden that Jesus has called him to follow Him and to leave home for possibly months at a time, he tells her it won’t be easy for them if he leaves. Eden reassures him. She reminds Simon, “When has it ever been easy for us”? (personally or as a Jewish Nation.)

Following God and doing what He asks of us, won’t be easy. When has it ever been easy for ANYONE CHOSEN BY GOD?

Before Jesus changed the water into wine, He lifted his eyes to heaven and told his Father, “I AM READY.” This was a pivotal moment in Jesus’ Ministry.



ARE YOU READY?  “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” Think about it.

Blessings, VICTORIA

5 thoughts on “The Chosen: Season one Episode Five

  1. Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” Love your post today. How have you been Victoria? I pray and hope all is well.


    1. Hello my friend. I am well. Hope you are also.
      I have been very busy finalizing all the logistics of my BOOK. Yes. It’s finally ready to launch on Amazon/kindle THIS WEEK. It has been an amazing journey of faith to get to this point in my life, to be able to share secret brokeness from my childhood that was filled with abandonement, abuse and sexual molestation and to share God’s story of amazing GRACE woven within my journey to healing and forgiveness.
      This is God’s book and He knows who needs to hear HIS WHISPERS between the lines. PLEASE PRAY with me, dear sister, that through this book THAT GOD’S WILL BE DONE, THAT OTHERS WILL FIND GRACE, MERCY AND HEALING and THAT GOD WILL BE GLORIFIED in JESUS’s name. Amen
      God bless, Victoria

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      1. Lord Jesus, it is never easy for us to reveal our darkest moments in our lives. But Lord, you do an amazing healing when we allow you to turn our ashes into beauty. Lord my sister Victoria’s book will be out launching out this week, and Lord I believe that what you have been speaking to her from the very beginning that those who read her book will find it uplifting to their hearts. That they will see how you have been with her through all those dark moments in her life.
        People will see that what she had to endure that they will see hope for their situation and know that hope is the key to holding on. And that they will turn their lives over to Jesus. I thank you Lord for using her as an instrument for your Glory. And like she said this book is Yours Lord.
        Lord this is just the beginning of many opportunities that you have for her. Continue to cover and protect her in all that she does for your Kingdom. I ask in Jesus’ name. AMEN.


      2. WOW! Having you asking me is such an honor. You have my permission to add that prayer to your book before it prints.

        I remember when you told me your testimony and how you are doing this book, “I said I was going to purchase it.”

        My email is just in case it ends in your spam box. Blessings sis.


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